Why We're Better

Why We’re Better

Most cleaning services use outdated technology and techniques. In fact, less than 5% of technicians ever get proper certifications in the cleaning industry. Many don’t have their own equipment, renting older overused appliances that are ineffective. Even worse, they may not fully extract all the water and shampoos used, leaving damp residue or mold that can harm your carpeting, padding, upholstery and floors underneath.

Carpet Mill Cleaners is state-of-the-art. We OWN and maintain the industry’s most advanced new equipment designed to provide you with the very best quality care. Your home or business will be pre-inspected to identifying conditions, construction, and potential permanent stains. Then we pre-groom with special machinery to loosen traffic area soil before vacuuming and shampooing. Finally, our truck-mounted hot water process thoroughly cleans and extracts all remaining dirt using regulated pressure and heat so your carpet is never over-wet. We even have high-velocity air-movers to speed dry if needed.